When luggage goes missing

When it comes to luggage, Molly and I are both big fans of the wheeled backpack design. With cavernous packing space and a built-in wheeled pack frame providing lots of carrying options, what’s not to like? Our fist set of Eagle Creek wheeled packs lasted for many years and thousands of miles. Looks like our last house move, however, did mine in since it’s currently nowhere to be found.

The REI store over in Plano, Texas has a great selection of travel packs and luggage. Normally I’d invest the time to research the hell out of the latest bags and packs. Not having that luxury this time round, I grabbed a REI Stratocruiser Wheeled Pack 2.0. It’s a little bit smaller than than the Eagle Creek bag it’s replacing. It does have the same generous packing space and a detachable day pack that I liked on my old bag. If nothing else, the easy to spot “mineral” color will make it easy for Molly to see me in a crowd. Next task: packing.

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