Good god, enough! Any children of the 80’s out there remember the band XTC? Andy Partridge, the brilliant if depressed song-smith? Yeah, I barely recall as well. EXCEPT for one little song. “No Thugs in Our House” has been going through my head non-stop since this morning. Nope, I didn’t happen to catch it on the radio (are you kidding???). Nope, don’t have it on iTunes. This is completely unbidden stuff. What’s really crazy is that I’ve now started remembering other songs from the album “English Settlement.” Like “Jason and the Argonauts.” Last time I heard this stuff it was on vinal well over twenty years ago. Whoa, not going to do that math again. Anyway, I’m launching iTunes for a quick cocktail of Death Cab for Cutie, Fountains of Wayne, and Ivy. Hell, maybe this means I should have vacationed in New York?