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Yeah, I know, all dog owners say stuff like this. But, REALLY, there’s nothing quite like coming home to three love starved Italian Greyhounds. Molly and I made it home around two hours ago and it’s been one long non-stop puppy love fest since we walked in the door. Again, we’re so grateful to Momo and the bean for taking such good care of our boys. The trip turned out great and Molly and I had a wonderful, almost perfect time. The whole shipboard experience really surprised me and our various ports of call and excoursions were tremendously well done. Thank goodness I bought all that time at the ship’s ‘Internet cafe’ so I could blog the whole experience. Uh huh, that really worked out well.

Anyway, I’ll now be blogging about the trip after the fact. I’m also posting select travel pics to flickr very soon.