Current Location: Miami, FL
GPS coordinates: 25.792569144871624, -80.18901586532593
Local Time: 1:46 AM EST
Temperature: 70° F
Conditions: Partly Cloudy
Sea State: n/a

It’s a beautiful night in downtown Miami and I’m exhausted. Yeah, and I plan on enjoying the view for about another 15 minutes and then I’m done. The flight really wasn’t that bad but it was packed. Even at less than three hours, I always feel grungy after flying in such close confines. The other challenge was luggage. Given what we have planned for the next few days, I’m not saying we over packed. HOWEVER, Molly and I are in agreement that we’ve never, ever, carried so much stuff on a trip before. It’s the cruise, of course, and we’re trying to be a little more civilized than just t-shirts and shorts. Today was a travel day and it’s done. Tomorrow should be beautiful and boarding the ship will no doubt be way more fun.