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Good god, enough! Any children of the 80’s out there remember the band XTC? Andy Partridge, the brilliant if depressed song-smith? Yeah, I barely recall as well. EXCEPT for one little song. “No Thugs in Our House” has been going through my head non-stop since this morning. Nope, I didn’t happen to catch it on […]

I picked up a few extra items for the trip this weekend. Two Kingston 2gig compact flash cards for the old Nikon Coolpix 5400. This was Robert’s old camera and I’m bringing it along for sentimental reasons. Molly also asked that I find an “airline power cable” so we could keep the laptop powered up […]

Packing tech

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It’s Wednesday afternoon and I’m focused on packing for Miami. As always, I pack my tech first. Clothes can wait. A small mound of gadgetry grows on my desk: cameras, laptop, media readers, assorted cables, batteries, power adapters, chargers. I think I’ve got it all. Or do I? I’m still haunted by Oregon from two […]

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