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The media coverage of Japan’s worst ever natural disaster, the 2011 Sendai earthquake and tsunami, has given the world an unprecedented first hand view of the shear destruction that’s been inflicted upon this island nation. However, while arresting YouTube videos of the surging tsunami wave and live satellite feeds of the unfolding nuclear crisis capture […]

I need to invest in a tilt-shift lens for photos like this one taken with my recently purchased DSLR camera. What is a tilt-shift lens, you ask? In brief, it’s a specialized lens capable of preserving the proper perspective of the object being photographed. This image, taken on an otherwise beautiful day, is spoiled by […]

First post!

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w00t! First post! Ideaforge.com bids a fond farewell to Blogger with this inaugural first post using WordPress. As a former Blogger FTP user, my reason for making this change can be found here. Suffice it to say that Google’s business plans for Blogger didn’t mesh with how I choose to run my web site. However, […]

Just returned from seeing the film (500) Days of Summer, staring Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. A brilliant and funny film with a strangely satisfying ending.

Confession is good for the bolg. The rumors are true that I’ve been eying the local college catalogs for about two weeks now. Predictable. Whenever it appears that I have excess time on my hands *and* I become interested in taking on some task for which I am (currently) wholly unqualified, I inevitably turn to […]

Current Location: Richardson, TXGPS coordinates: 32.968529, -96.734289Local Time: 11:41 PMTemperature: 44° FConditions: Partly CloudySea State: n/a Yeah, I know, all dog owners say stuff like this. But, REALLY, there’s nothing quite like coming home to three love starved Italian Greyhounds. Molly and I made it home around two hours ago and it’s been one long […]

Day 1 – Miami

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Current Location: Miami, FLGPS coordinates: 25.792569144871624, -80.18901586532593Local Time: 1:46 AM ESTTemperature: 70° FConditions: Partly CloudySea State: n/a It’s a beautiful night in downtown Miami and I’m exhausted. Yeah, and I plan on enjoying the view for about another 15 minutes and then I’m done. The flight really wasn’t that bad but it was packed. Even […]

Current Location: Richardson, TXGPS coordinates: 32.968529, -96.734289Local Time: 10:31 PMTemperature: 46° FConditions: Partly CloudySea State: n/a I think Molly and I are really looking forward to tomorrow’s departure. Momo and the bean are house sitting. Oh, and dogs! There will be a critical mass of dogs here at the house. Our boys won’t even realize […]


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Saw a similar bumper sticker here in Dallas today. Freaking awesome. Need one for your car? The guys over at Black Mesa, er, I mean Steam can hook you up.

When it comes to luggage, Molly and I are both big fans of the wheeled backpack design. With cavernous packing space and a built-in wheeled pack frame providing lots of carrying options, what’s not to like? Our fist set of Eagle Creek wheeled packs lasted for many years and thousands of miles. Looks like our […]

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