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I picked up a few extra items for the trip this weekend. Two Kingston 2gig compact flash cards for the old Nikon Coolpix 5400. This was Robert’s old camera and I’m bringing it along for sentimental reasons. Molly also asked that I find an “airline power cable” so we could keep the laptop powered up during the flight. Unfortunately, Apple’s nifty MagSafe Airline Adapter won’t work on my old but indestructible 12″ G4 iBook. The solution? Kensington’s “70 watt DC Power Adapter for Apple Notebooks.” This compact device supports all pre-MagSafe Apple laptops and iPods. Sadly, no iPhone support. Supported power sources include the standard DC auto accessory socket (cig lighter) and the newer Inpower airline in-seat power source. Of course we’re flying American and they don’t explicitly support Inpower. Yeah, fun. The final item I picked up is a Belkin Universal Media Reader. Since I’ve decided to bring every digital camera I own, I’m feeling pretty good about having the flexability to dump the day’s photos to the laptop even if I happen to lose that one critical USB cable.

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It’s Wednesday afternoon and I’m focused on packing for Miami. As always, I pack my tech first. Clothes can wait. A small mound of gadgetry grows on my desk: cameras, laptop, media readers, assorted cables, batteries, power adapters, chargers. I think I’ve got it all. Or do I? I’m still haunted by Oregon from two years ago. A single missing propriatary USB cable sabotaged our plans to blog on the road that trip. And while some would place value on my intimate knowledge of every Oregon small electrocnics store from Astoria to Newport, I’m not interested in an east coast repeat of that adventure. Yeah, it’s all here. Data cables, batteries. Flash media! Got it. I’m good to go. I think.

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